ARTTRAGrass® Specialises in Installing Artificial Grass for Events

The ARTTRAGrass® EventGrass is fire retardant artificial grass for events, great wheelchair users and ideal for high heeled shoes.

The ARTTRAGrass® Eventgrass artificial turf is also made of PP and PE, and has a natural look.

It comes in a Duo and quad-colour, similar to our other grass products, which makes it more aesthetically pleasing. Quad-colour means that it has four different colours like natural grass looks. This includes tones of green, brown and beige whereas the Duo has 2 tones of green.

ARTTRAGrass® is known for quality and high end luxury products. This artificial grass has been hired and installed for events in London since 2014.

Below are some technical information about this product and may seem a bit of a jargon but it is still useful to know.

Technical Info for the ARTTRAGrass® Event Grass :

Pile Height 25 mm
Weighs 2,210 g / sqm
Yarn shape is ‘C’
Stitch rate 16,800 / sqm
10 years warranty

Artificial Grass for Events

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