The NEW 100% Recyclable Artificial Grass by ARTTRAGrass®

The ARTTRAGrass® EcoGrass is a revolutionary design which is 100% recyclable artificial grass. It drains five times faster than conventional artificial turf, and it is ideal for residential projects.

Zero Latex, PU, or Coating. Environmentally conscious? Absolutely! I’m 100% recyclable, from yarn to backing. With a fivefold water drainage speed and the robust Turflock system, I’m not just better for you, but also for the planet we share.

Pile Height 40 mm
Weighs 2,555 g / m2
Yarn shape ‘C’
Stitch rate 25,200 / sqm
Softness 5/5
10 years warranty

100% Recyclable Artificial Grass

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