Putting Greens

Do you want to impress your friends on the Golf Course?…

Are you having too many putts?

Are you willing to improve your game and reduce your handicap?

No need to go to club every time you need a practice session.

Get home putting green installed in your garden with ARTTRA Grass!

Having ARTTRA artificial putting green in your home will definitely be a great idea. Professionally fitted with the best quality pro-putt turf which is specially made to give the ball a smoother roll. It is stylish, stunning and superb. You will dramatically outplay your mates at the golf course as your chipping and putting will improve your game. Your friends will love to play at your home as it will most certainly entertain them. ARTTRA Grass Golf Home Putting team will design or offer you with one of our pre-cut greens.

ARTTRA Grass Golf Greens has designed 8 different putting lawns which are unbelievably natural looking and are pre-cut with 2 standard holes. They are rectangles, classic and kidney shaped and extra holes can be added for during installation. This olive green lawn is a premium brand of artificial grass which is very similar to the real thing.

Most people have this common misconception about artificial grass in general that the fibres used to manufacture the fake lawns used for the putting greens are inferior to the match overly praised carpet. The truth is that the price of installing synthetic putting greens by ARTTRA Grass is much lower than most of our competitors.

Our home putting greens has much added features as well as on benefits.

   UV protected lawns, durable, easy to clean and maintain.

   ARTTRA Grass Artificial turf can be Recycled and environmentally friendly.

   No watering required. No cutting. No pestiides too.

   ARTTRA Grass Sports 13mm classic lawn with easy roll.

   Colour Contrast for a more natural look

Home putting greens owners are usually much better golfers as they practice at their own comfort and that reflects on their game. More birdies and hole-in-one for you with ARTTRA Golf Putting Greens.

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