Case Studies

Artificial Lawn Installation Steppingley Bedfordshire

Mr and Mrs Cook contacted us after looking over months for an affordable artificial grass company that can supply Astroturf and is also able to install in the Bedfordshire area. The lovely couple who are in their sixties decided to enquire about installing artificial grass a few months ago due to the following reasons;

Lack of sunlight in their garden

The first question that people we have installed artificial lawns for ask questions like ‘why does my grass keep dying? or ‘why aren’t my lawns growing?’

There are so many reasons why grass does not usually grow in back gardens. These include lack of sun, not watering the lawns enough or just not properly watering it, poor soil or other problems like diseases and so on.

Real grass need a minimum of two hours every day of direct sunlight so if your garden is lacking that then you may want to consider artificial grass like the Cooks did!

Grass will not grow in the shadow of an old large tree so it may be a wise idea to lay artificial grass around where the tree sits and enjoy the shade from the tree.

Your lawn will most likely not grow because the tree canopy prevents precipitation and its roots will starve the grass.

Too much clay in the ground of your Garden

Sometimes cutting your grass too short may cause them to die as well but clay soil is the common lawn killer in the areas surrounding Milton Keynes, Dunstable, Bedford, Flitwick, Steppingley, Woburn, Redwood Glade Leighton Buzzard, Ampthill, Little Brickhill, Great Brickhill and villages nearby.

This can also cause an unhealthy looking lawn with muddy patches and drainage issues.

No Lawn Care monthly fee by your local lawn treatment franchisee

Do you find yourself spending money every month on Lawn Care? Being promised that your lawn will get greener? This can be sometimes disappointing for many customers as their grass never gets to the evergreen lawn that they imagined. With ARTTRAGrass, your garden will be forever green and will look as good as grass if not better.

Less Maintenance as compared to real grass

Most lawns will require an average of 1.25 inches of water on it every week. Have you got the time for it? Need lawns that will require no mowing, watering, no need to apply fertilizers nor require moss treatments? If you are a hayfever sufferer then artificial grass is the best choice for you.

In the end, after supplying and installing the ARTTRAGrass fake lawns, this was what the customer had to say;

“The garden looks amazing; we are so pleased and it was a real pleasure to have the installation done by 2 really nice people. Very happy for you to give our contact details to anyone who wants a reference and we will spread the word ourselves. Many thanks and kind regards, Christine”