Case Studies

Backyard In Broughton Brooklands Milton Keynes

ARTTRA artificial grass was recommended to Mr. Mitchell of Brooklands near Broughton in Milton Keynes.

Mr Mitchell had a garden size about 150 square meters but due to a lot of  hedges and shrubs he was unable to put his garden to full use. Our client has two young daughters who wanted to use the garden to play and he wanted an area in the garden to entertain and enjoy their much loved barbecues, and also have the hedges removed as it became a bit of a hazard to their two daughters.

The Design 

We designed the landscape, prepared a sample pack of ARTTRAGrass artificial lawn and presented it to Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell who were overly happy and decided to proceed with the proposal.  

We then decided to use a mixture of pavement, gravel, timber sleepers, artificial turf and wooden fences to accomplish our mission. Bearing in mind we had a budget to work with, careful decisions were made regarding the purchase of materials.

Due to the winter season coming up we had a time-scale of one week to complete the project as Mr Mitchell wanted the girls to enjoy the garden before the cold weather kicked in.

The Project

We wrote to the neighbours and informed them of the possible disruption and noises from our machines, prepared the area to store our equipments, removed the side fence to enable hassle-free access to and from the garden and got our diggers and tippers on site.

We used decorative paving slabs to create the patio area and the gravel of our client’s choice. The Cavendish from the London range of fake lawns from ARTTRA Grass was supplied and installed in a 100 square meter area of the garden, and the hedges were replaced with wooden fence. A flower bed was created with timber sleepers to finish off the Astroturf and the 9 square meter area behind the garage was transformed into the Barbeque area for entertaining guests.

The Results

We completed within 7 days due to the diligence of our Installation Team and Project Management Coordinator. Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell were extremely happy with the makeover of their garden and overjoyed after they saw the extra 36 square meters they had gained from our work.

The Power of ‘Word of Mouth’

Just 2 weeks after the completion of the project ARTTRA Grass received 3 enquiries from friends of the Mitchells and after our friendly staff visited, provided them with the ARTTRA luxury lawn samples and offered a free no obligation survey, they confirmed and started their projects one after the other.

Words from Mrs. L. Mitchell

‘The boys from ARTTRA have really shown us how orderly tradesmen can be and have transformed my house into a home’. She added, ‘They have re-instated my faith in humanity after very bad experiences we’ve had with other tradesmen’.